Healthy Coat Equine Horse Feed Supplement for Horses 1 Gallon

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HealthyCoat is an all-natural Omega 3 & 6 liquid feed supplement formulated for your horse.
It’s easy to implement and acts as a top dressing, but goes well beyond just achieving a “healthy coat”.
It works from the inside out to improve the performance, condition, overall health, and musculature of your horse.

Our unique formula is processed naturally and without heat to preserve the raw, vital nutrients that break apart during normal feed processing.
Due to this process, HealthyCoat is fortified with naturally occurring biotin, B12 and lecithin.
It also contains raw vitamin E to aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins allowing your horse to get the most from their diet.

Store your HealthyCoat products where they are out of direct sunlight.  
For best results, shake gently before administering to your animal’s feed, as settling may occur.

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